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Basset hounds are excellent dogs. Great with children, they are good with other canines, and they don’t require too much exercise so they are great for almost any living standards! We have experience with many breeds, but bassets are sort of new to us. I did have a purebred basset for 13 years growing up and she was a spectacular family dog. She was typical for her breed and I don’t have anything negative to say about her. They are very food motivated…so a jar of treats when housetraining and obedience training is a must! They are often referred to being “stubborn” dogs. That is because they don’t partake well to discipline training techniques. So to make sure you have a nice basset growing up in your home positive reinforcement and food motivated training will give you the best results with your basset hound. A basset hound will enjoy going on walks with the family, play a round of fetch or two. But most importantly a basset will want to be with his people! They are laid back great dogs, so when you have family movie night don’t forget about your canine friend that will most likely be more than willing to snuggle up right next to you. Basset hounds do shed; they don’t have high grooming needs other then a brush out every couple weeks, along with a bath to make sure your pet is clean.






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